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Safraz aka Safali Tha God – Editor:


That tall guy who wears a lot of sneakers. Often mistaken for Trey Songz (you can easily see why), used to disappointment because I support Liverpool and I still believe that wrestling is real, fight me. When I’m not busy editing this amazing magazine (take my word for it), I’m destroying people on FIFA, eating pizza and occasionally photographing famous people. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram @safx41.

Bethany aka Beth – Sub Editor:



I’m your resident R&B connoisseur, if you want to know the best artists from the R&B world then I’m your girl. I’m also very passionate about social issues, you’ll often see me tweeting about black lives matter or feminism. If you want a soundtrack to your life, just give me a tweet! I’m the only black Bethany you’ll ever meet in your life, you’ll never forget me!


Emily aka SeventeenJames – Lead Designer:


The Sri Lankan girl with the white name. I’m the one behind the look of Le Cultuur. When I’m not doing my day job, I’m fashion blogger, Seventeen James, and a singer-songwriter. Basically I’m trying to conquer everything I can in one go. As well as being a lover of music and fashion, I love food, travel and Zayn Malik (it’s an obsession that will not die). If you want to have a follow on Instagram, feel free – @seventeenjames / @emilynicolesinger .

Ushma aka TwentiesUsh – Picture Editor (Copyright claims go through her):


Responsible for all the beautiful images in the magazine and on this website is moi. This little indian girl has big dreams and no realistic means to accomplish them but Le Cultuur fulfils these aspirations. Part time fashion and lifestyle blogger, part time movie and show enthusiast, part time food lover and full time the most amazing person you’ll ever meet. Follow me on @twentiesush for more eccentrics and amazing pics!


Fahida aka Tilly Begum – Social Media:


Hello! Other than writing the latest lifestyle content for the Le Cultuur family, I also produce the Resonate Sounds show on Reprezent radio and run What The Fahida. I’m often seen smiling with headphones plugged in! I’m a simple girl and with a love for rap, travelling and mango lassi. Plus, I have a pretty lethal arm bar!


Nasim aka Nas – Web Techy:


I was born with five names: Mohammed Nasim Tahmid Zilal Ali. But now I go by ‘Nasim Ali’ because any name that remotely sounds Islamic gives people the heeby jeebies. I’m a small-shit Bengali television producer and a lover of movies. Don’t tell me film isn’t art because that’s a spit in the face. Favourite films include ‘Fight Club’, ‘The Guest’ and ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ but if you’re a fan of ’50 Shades of Grey’ … that’s fine; film is subjective anyway.


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